July 2015

Yoga on the ocean

Some yoga poses I tried on a paddle board at sea
I thought I’d try something new today: Paddle Yoga

Paddle Yoga involves taking an oar and a large plastic board and testing your balance and focus by attempting your yoga practice out at sea. I lost my Paddle Yoga virginity to the gentle morning shores of the Ste Maxime gulf.

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Plan de La Tour celebrates le Quatorze Juillet

Young and old enjoy the patriotic 14th July celebrations
Young and old enjoy the patriotic 14th July celebrations

A ‘snow party’ in the middle of July? Not something you’d typically associate with celebrating the anniversary of the beginning of the French Revolution but who am I to question it?

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Yoga and the heart

All these poses help open the heart space
All these poses help open the heart space

These (slightly comical) rough sketches are from my notes for a recent yoga class I ran on heart opening poses. I wanted the class to help people focus on breathing into their mid-to-upper back so they felt their chest broaden and could visualise the heart space. I find that focusing on the back of the heart in these poses creates a stronger awareness of this area and sometimes means you don’t breathe into the chest too much, which can cause anxiety.

Thrift shop living room

Fun with furnishing
Fun with furnishing

It has taken us several months but our living room is starting to look and feel like home. One of the reasons for the slow progress is that we made a conscious decision not to dash out and buy everything from Ikea. While there’s nothing wrong with their furniture, there is something a little depressing about going there and buying the same mass-produced things that you can get anywhere. Instead we’ve been using a mix of sources (including the local bins), as noted below:

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My Pinterest-inspired bedroom

My Pinterest-inspired attic bedroom
My Pinterest-inspired attic bedroom

The styling for our attic bedroom started with a Pinterest board called French House Inspiration (you’ll find it here).

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Don’t mess with Andouillette

The smell of the andouillette on my soup actually made me cry
The smell of the andouillette on my soup actually made me cry

Accidentally ordered a tripe sausage. It came on top of my soup and was disgusting! That taught me one important lesson. Don’t mess with Andouillette. It is definitely an acquired taste and one only true meat eaters will enjoy. To me it tasted like the wrong part of the pig.

Be warned, this could end up on your plate if you don’t check what saucisson you have ordered!

Restaurants in Provence: Pizzeria Vallaury

Sitting outdoors at Vallaury Pizzeria
Sitting outdoors at Vallaury Pizzeria, admiring a classic 2CV

There’s not much you need to know about Pizzeria Chez Coralie et Robert. It is a small takeaway and pizza restaurant in the tiny Plan de la Tour hamlet of Vallaury that does excellent, great value pizza from a wood-fired oven.

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Why worry?

Me swimming in Lac de Castillon

This quote from Alan Watts helps me to accept that I don’t have to be in control of everything. When I think back to swimming in Lac de Castillon (as shown in the pic) I really understand what he was saying – it can be amazing to just let go and float.

Restaurants in Provence: Vieux Moulin, Plan de la Tour

We're looking shifty in this pic but the food is a winner, I promiseThe Vieux Moulin restaurant has a fond place in my heart. I’ve eaten many times here with friends and family. In the middle of Plan de la Tour, it is good for summer as you can sit outside on their charming terrace or a hearty meal indoors in winter. The exterior is kooky (spot the type writer in the tree outside) and the interior is eclectic, with various bric-a-brac and antiques garnishing the walls.

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