Fun with furnishing
Fun with furnishing

It has taken us several months but our living room is starting to look and feel like home. One of the reasons for the slow progress is that we made a conscious decision not to dash out and buy everything from Ikea. While there’s nothing wrong with their furniture, there is something a little depressing about going there and buying the same mass-produced things that you can get anywhere. Instead we’ve been using a mix of sources (including the local bins), as noted below:

Rug: back of a man’s van (salesman from the village market stopped by our house to show us his collection. This one is Iranian silk, or so he said)

Coffee table: The local poubelles (rubbish bins)

Yellow chair: Viva Street (a bargain at only 100 euros)

Candle: Cire Trudon (ok, we splashed out on this but it smells amazing)

Speakers, record player and various nicknacks above fireplace all accumulated from our past lives in the UK over the years