Some yoga poses I tried on a paddle board at sea
I thought I’d try something new today: Paddle Yoga

Paddle Yoga involves taking an oar and a large plastic board and testing your balance and focus by attempting your yoga practice out at sea. I lost my Paddle Yoga virginity to the gentle morning shores of the Ste Maxime gulf.

Balancing on the board was easier than I thought. It keeps afloat as long as you stay roughly in the middle. Steering was fine too as we were in calm waters. We tried a few yoga moves, including downward dog, boat pose (seemed appropriate) and even a headstand, which was a little uncomfortable on the hard plastic surface.

The great thing about Paddle Yoga is the way it forces you to concentrate on balance and weight distribution. If you don’t push down with your feet and/or hands equally you’ll lose balance and could tip yourself in the water! That’s great practice for regular yoga where you don’t always notice if your weight isn’t quite equally distributed.

Savasana was a floaty, dreamlike experience with a view of the sky up above. And our teacher Claudia Porta discussed the importance of the second chakra for enjoying life and trying new things. Water is the element of this chakra, so her focus here was very apt.