August 2015

Lives less ordinary: Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka


Cat on the beach in Kalpitiya
Cat on the beach in Kalpitiya 

Cat and her husband Dan escaped their busy London lives for a year to remember. They quit their jobs, got married in South Africa in February and in April they arrived in Sri Lanka to spend four months learning to kitesurf. I spoke to Cat about her experience of living ‘a life less ordinary’. 

What would you be doing in your ‘ordinary’ life if you hadn’t taken time out to do something different?

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Lives less ordinary

Are more people in their mid twenties to late thirties making big lifestyle changes ?
Are more people in their mid twenties to late thirties making big lifestyle changes ?

I’ve read a lot recently about different people making inspirational life changes, whether that’s leaving a top job in New York to scoop ice cream in the Caribbean, becoming a wilderness therapist or cycling round the world with a dog.

And I’ve heard of friends taking their lives in different directions (geographically and metaphorically), perhaps learning to kite surf in Sri Lanka, moving to Cornwall and retraining in carpentry or spending a few months on a xen retreat to figure a few things out.

My own move is perhaps not very physically intrepid but definitely involved a lifestyle change, going from buzzy London to a sleepy Provençal village. Why did I make such a drastic move? Continue reading “Lives less ordinary”

The mother of car boot sales

The best antique fair in Provence: Jas des Roberts
Possibly the most stylish car boot fair in Provence: Jas des Roberts

One thing France does very well is antiques. If you know where to look you can get some amazing bits and pieces to kit out your very own château (or fantasise about kitting out your imaginary château).

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New hobby alert: Macramé

Macramé in a teacup
Homemade Macramé plant holder

This week I have discovered a new favourite thing: tying knots in string to suspend my plants in the air. Not very rock and roll but it makes me happy. Anyway, the 70s are back in fashion and this hobby was huge in the 70s, or so I’m told. You only need to search Macramé plant hangers on Pinterest to see what I’m on about.

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Run to the hills

'Jumping Jim' spotted on top of the Alpes-Maritimes
‘Jumping Jim’ spotted on top of the Alpes-Maritimes

The sandy beaches of the Côte d’Azur are all well and good but with temperatures now in the mid 30s we’ve been heading for higher ground to enjoy the fresh mountain breeze and some stunning alpine scenery.

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“Don’t buy your bread just anywhere”: French sign promoting artisan bakers

‘Artisan’ seems to be a favourite term around here. There are artisan bakers, butchers, candlestick makers and even artisan builders and plumbers. But what is an artisan?

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