Macramé in a teacup
Homemade Macramé plant holder

This week I have discovered a new favourite thing: tying knots in string to suspend my plants in the air. Not very rock and roll but it makes me happy. Anyway, the 70s are back in fashion and this hobby was huge in the 70s, or so I’m told. You only need to search Macramé plant hangers on Pinterest to see what I’m on about.

I’m still on level one with my Macramé skills (here’s a link to the tutorial I used to help me create this very simple teacup planter) but it can get very advanced and intricate. I like the idea of using the technique to create beautiful jewellery, plant holders and dreamcatchers like the one below, clearly created by a ninja of knotting:

I aspire to make this: a Macramé dreamcatcher
I aspire to make this: a Macramé dreamcatcher

Have you tried your hand at Macramé? Love to see what everyone’s making out there.