Learning Thai massage techniques from Master Wong as part of a Chakra workshop in Paris

It was time for two and a half days of Wong time, attending a Chakra workshop series taught by Master Duncan Wong in Paris. I was there for the two base Chakra sessions: Muladhara (roots) and Swadhisthana (pleasure and self-expression). Having attended Duncan’s teacher training as part of a retreat in Italy I knew what I was letting myself in for – lots of energy, action, passion and knowledge. The main thing I felt during the workshops was my lack of strength and power. But I was in the right place to work on this.


As well as these two days of intensive yoga practice, my trip to Paris included a visit to the Rodin Museum to see the work of this nineteenth century master sculptor and painter. I clearly still had yoga on the brain because the toned muscularity of these sculptures  was what struck me most, alongside their beauty and the skill of creating them. Some of the sculptures bore striking similarity to yoga poses…

Preparation for Boat Pose or a Rodin masterpiece?

Seeing these sculptures after two days of Wong’s workshops led me to wonder: can I be my own sculptress and create something stronger out of my own raw materials? Can I become my own masterpiece? I think the answer is yes. Not in an egotistical, “look at my amazing body” way but in a way that will help me to become stronger, more grounded and to discover the best possible version of me. But, remember, my nickname is Paciência so I won’t expect miracles to happen overnight.

I’ve made a start on my own “sculpting” programme through taking up one-to-one sessions with Rowena – an amazing yoga instructor and personal fitness trainer who lives in Dubai and does training sessions over Skype. She quickly spots any imbalances in my body and addresses them through the laser-precision of her coaching points. I’m already noticing subtle improvements in my breathing, posture and body awareness after just a few sessions. Who knows, some time soon maybe I’ll be as good at backbends as this Rodin sculpture?

Rodin sculpture nailing a backbend.