Wandering the ramparts of Grimaud Castle
Wandering the ramparts of Grimaud Castle

This is a strange and exciting time for me. I’ve left my PR job in London and headed to a small village in the South of France with my partner, Jim. Why? Life goes fast and in London we could both see the next ten years flashing before us before we’d even figured out what we wanted from life.

So this is our chance to do something memorable and experience a different kind of life. Before we are too old to properly enjoy it.

Now I work in communications but mostly remotely and on a freelance basis, while also building a yoga teaching practice.

I know it won’t all be rosé-tinted but if you’ve ever wondered ‘what if’ about a big life change then I think it is important not to ignore those stirrings and to give it a try. So here goes.

On this blog you’ll find views, reviews and articles on: life in Provence, yoga, wellbeing, food and home styling. I hope you enjoy.

All views are my own and there are no commercial associations with this blog.