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The mother of car boot sales

The best antique fair in Provence: Jas des Roberts
Possibly the most stylish car boot fair in Provence: Jas des Roberts

One thing France does very well is antiques. If you know where to look you can get some amazing bits and pieces to kit out your very own château (or fantasise about kitting out your imaginary château).

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New hobby alert: Macramé

Macramé in a teacup
Homemade Macramé plant holder

This week I have discovered a new favourite thing: tying knots in string to suspend my plants in the air. Not very rock and roll but it makes me happy. Anyway, the 70s are back in fashion and this hobby was huge in the 70s, or so I’m told. You only need to search Macramé plant hangers on Pinterest to see what I’m on about.

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Thrift shop living room

Fun with furnishing
Fun with furnishing

It has taken us several months but our living room is starting to look and feel like home. One of the reasons for the slow progress is that we made a conscious decision not to dash out and buy everything from Ikea. While there’s nothing wrong with their furniture, there is something a little depressing about going there and buying the same mass-produced things that you can get anywhere. Instead we’ve been using a mix of sources (including the local bins), as noted below:

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My Pinterest-inspired bedroom

My Pinterest-inspired attic bedroom
My Pinterest-inspired attic bedroom

The styling for our attic bedroom started with a Pinterest board called French House Inspiration (you’ll find it here).

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